Nov 182010

If you are interested in wine, the best way to discover fine Champagnes and make nice encounters is to visit an independent Champagne producer along touristic road of Champagne.

Visit the cellars of the major brands is interesting, they have impressive installations, deep cellars filled with millions bottles but if you wish to learn more about the process of making Champagne then you have to meet the persons who actually make the Champagne and work the vineyard themselves. Very few of the elegant ladies that will welcome you at Pommery‘s or Veuve Clicquot‘s cellars would have done a harvest themselves!

Gluing a Chamapgne bottle

Gluing a Champagne bottle

Some small producers have very interesting installations to show, even sometimes deep cellars. For them it is a real passion to create wine and share their experience. There are about 10000 producers of Champagne. Among them we have met 2 in particular that are very welcoming and willing to share their passion:

Champagne Daniel Dumont in Rilly la Montagne (not speaking English)

Champagne Henri Goutorbe in Ay

It is just 2 among many but we know them for more than 15 years and are loyal lovers of their Champagne.

If you take an appointment with a small Champagne producer please keep in mind that it may be for them a huge time investment to welcome you for one hour. Most of these producers have a family size they have no permanent employee to welcome you. So in a way, they expect you to buy some Champagne which should not be a real problem as the Champagne is usually excellent and nice value. For a nice Champagne the starting price is usually around 13 €

A Champagne winery

A Champagne winery

Here is a link which may help you find addresses of Champagne producers who welcome clients on week ends: look for ‘Rendez vous week ends’

Another way to discover Champagne and its producers is to stay with them in a B&B. Some of them personally own a guest house. In the countryside belong to a B&B label is essential, here are 2 of them: Clévacances and Gites de France

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