Mar 072011

Here is at last the program of festivities proposed for this anniversary.

Programme 8th century French

There will be many historical reconstitutions like ‘Les fêtes Johaniques’  or exhibits related to history of Notre Dame.

Like every year, lights and music shows will be displayed on front of the Cathedral every week.

June and July will be very busy with the summer music festival ‘Les flaneries musicales de Reims’ , almost one concert (classical or jazz) per day during 6 weeks.


Most of the concerts are free or have nice price!

Booking when it is available is recommended.

See details here: Les flaneries musicales de Reims

My favourite moment is Concert and Pic Nic in ‘Parc de Champagne’, an open air jazz concert, familial and popular, everyone bring pic nic basket including Champagne bottle(s) !

Candle lights make a terrific ambiance during the jazzz concert.


If you need more informations on the Cathedral or events related to the 800th anniversary

please visit Les amis de la cathedrale de Reims



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