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Here are some of the car rental shops available in Reims centre

All the major brands are present in Reims


Having a car in Reims centre is not essential as the bus and tramway network is rather efficient.

Reims streets in town centre are quite intricated and most of them are one way streets.

Parking may be a concern in the very town centre during the day though there are many platforms and underground car parks.

We higly recommend to have a map of Reims centre as the general scheme of one way street have been changed since the tramway works have started and most of the GPS won’t be updated before long.

Usually we recommend to our guests not to rent a car the first day they arrive in Reims as the very town centre may keep you busy for one full day. ( usually we recommend 3 to 5 half days of visits for Reims city only, then if you rent a car you may also spend one day along Champagne route)


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