Août 052011

I recently made Ruinart Champagne cellar tour in Reims and really loved it.

The building above the ground is interesting but the cellars are even more attractive.

Ruinart cellars are based on Roman chalk pits which are about 70 meter deep.

Dom Ruinart bought these chalk mines in the 18th century and since then Ruinart is storing Champagne bottles in tunnels connecting these chalk excavations. .

They store millions bottles in there (they are very secretive about quantities).

The person in charge of our tour did a nice job, recalling history of the brand and giving notions of elaboration of Champagne.

But that is not the main interest of this Champagne tour, what we really appreciated was that we experienced a memorable instant during the tasting.

Not only because of the Champagne quality: we were served R de Ruinart 94 and Ruinart rosé 95

We simply spent a nice moment around Champagne, siping Champagne and chatting.

It was a memorable hour, an instant Champagne, an instant Ruinart.

That’s just what Champagne is made for: nice memorable moments !!!


Booking Ruinart cellar tour (like all Champagne cellars tours) takes very long time by mail. They must receive many mails a day so we recommend to give them a call instead and then confirm the booking made (by credit card number)

The price of the tour is 26 Euro in 2011 but is really worth it. For 4 Euro extra you will be able to taste a second wine.

If you have a booking  at ‘Les Telliers’ guest house , we may also help book the tour for you.

Just keep in mind that you ‘ll need to schedule it weeks in advance as it very appreciated.

Ruinart website



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