Nov 022011

A nice place to enjoy France and its gastronmy. ‘Au bon manger’ is a grocer of fine aliments, you ll find there only the best meat, cheese or wines.

Decoration and stalls recall good old times. They basically are a fine grocery but they are able to serve you a full plate for around 20 Euro and recommend a nice wine or Champagne that perfectly fits your meal.

Smoked salmon, foie gras, French and Italian cheeses, olive and anchovies specialties, meat or fish terrines, sausages, smoked ham ….

Au bon manger

Au bon manger

They post sometimes on their blog: Au bon manger

Why not try and  enjoy a cheese plate with a cup of  Champagne !


L’Epicerie Au Bon Manger

7 Rue Courmeaux, 51100

Reims +33 326 03 45 29 ‎

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