‘The maison Tellier’ a novel by Guy de Maupassant

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Jan 212011

I bumped on this while using a search engine about our guest house’s name.

Here is first paragraph …

‘They went there every evening about eleven o’clock, just as they would go to the club. Six or eight of them; always the same set, not fast men, but respectable tradesmen, and young men in government or some other employ, and they would drink their Chartreuse, and laugh with the girls, or else talk seriously with Madame Tellier, whom everybody respected, and then they would go home at twelve o’clock! The younger men would sometimes stay later.’ ……

From the first lines I guess this house was offering services which are certainly not available in our respectable B&B. And what is more, in Reims we would propose Champagne instead !

The full story is available on The Literature network

Restaurants in Reims

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Jan 182011

As guest house owners we often recommend restaurants to our guests or are given restaurants suggestions by our clients.

Here is our short list of the moment of places that we like.

Things they have in common  are: price in the average for Reims, no Michelin stars or Gault Millau references but fine food for good value. They are all situated at foot distance from our B&B and by consequence in town centre.

Le café du Palais‘ , an old café stuffed of Antiques and oddities, tremendous ambiance, enjoy a glass of vine with local terrine as a snack in the afternoon. Full meals served at lunch time and some evenings.

Le Boulingrin‘ , a well known brasserie in Reims, typical Art Deco decoration, huge variety of meals, all the classics of the French gastronomy and also a nice seafood choice, merry ambiance

La table des Halles‘ , a cosy place, most of the courses are local specialities,we are fond of the ‘Ardenaise salad’ , nice price too !

Le Bocal‘ , a tiny restaurant inside the fish shop, dare to cross the inox stall and come inside. Buttery Bass or yummy creamy cooked oysters ! Champagne bottle are so cheap there, that added a bubbling touch to our meal.

Le V.O.‘ We love its decoration and ambiance, very nice Chef cuisine: modernity and tradition with touches of Asian style.

La table Anna‘  A reference in Reims, fine food for reasonable price. Nice and warm service and memorable courses.

There are plenty more restaurants that could be listed here, feel free to suggest us some more.

Suggestions to make a Champagne cellar visit by a local family producer

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Nov 182010

If you are interested in wine, the best way to discover fine Champagnes and make nice encounters is to visit an independent Champagne producer along touristic road of Champagne.

Visit the cellars of the major brands is interesting, they have impressive installations, deep cellars filled with millions bottles but if you wish to learn more about the process of making Champagne then you have to meet the persons who actually make the Champagne and work the vineyard themselves. Very few of the elegant ladies that will welcome you at Pommery‘s or Veuve Clicquot‘s cellars would have done a harvest themselves!

Gluing a Chamapgne bottle

Gluing a Champagne bottle

Some small producers have very interesting installations to show, even sometimes deep cellars. For them it is a real passion to create wine and share their experience. There are about 10000 producers of Champagne. Among them we have met 2 in particular that are very welcoming and willing to share their passion:

Champagne Daniel Dumont in Rilly la Montagne (not speaking English)

Champagne Henri Goutorbe in Ay

It is just 2 among many but we know them for more than 15 years and are loyal lovers of their Champagne.

If you take an appointment with a small Champagne producer please keep in mind that it may be for them a huge time investment to welcome you for one hour. Most of these producers have a family size they have no permanent employee to welcome you. So in a way, they expect you to buy some Champagne which should not be a real problem as the Champagne is usually excellent and nice value. For a nice Champagne the starting price is usually around 13 €

A Champagne winery

A Champagne winery

Here is a link which may help you find addresses of Champagne producers who welcome clients on week ends:

http://www.vignerons-independants-champagne.com/ look for ‘Rendez vous week ends’

Another way to discover Champagne and its producers is to stay with them in a B&B. Some of them personally own a guest house. In the countryside belong to a B&B label is essential, here are 2 of them: Clévacances and Gites de France

About tiping in France: Do I need to tip in restaurants or bars ?

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Oct 082010

Champagne Ponson in 2010

In France, service is always included in the price.Your bill may mention it or not but it is included.

Sometimes you ‘ll see for example « Service compris 10% » ; it may go up to 20% in the very elegant or gastronomic restaurants in which there are more employees than customers!

The French usually tip only if they have appreciated the moment they have spent in the bar or the restaurant, or if the waiter was especially pleasant. Personally I prefer to leave some coins on the table rather than to round up the amount of the bill paid with credit card. Doing this,  I’m certain that it will go to the waitress.

For example in a restaurant, if I’ll leave tip 2 € for a meal for two if think the service was nice and the meal good value. Or in a café I’ll tip some yellow coins ( cents of euro) If I especially enjoy my cup of Champagne.

If you want to know more about France and French: please come and stay in our guest house in Reims . We are always glad to exchange with our guests, B&B is the way to meet a country and its inhabitants.

800th anniversary of Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims

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Sep 252010

A count down has started in Reims before the 800th anniversary of Reims cathedral .

Until 2011 May the 6th many events will happen in Champagne’s town. I’ll keep you advised as soon as we get events calendar

Reims Cathedral at night

Reims Cathedral at night

If you wish to know more about the Cathedral history check this wiki in English.

Notre Dame Catedral  is one of the 3 Reims monuments, with ‘Le palais du Tau’ and Saint Remi Basilica,  wich are listed on UNESCO world heritage sites.

Here is the list of properties listed by UNESCO for France

Pronounciation of Reims !

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Sep 252010

A question that our B&B guests ask often: « How is pronounced Reims ? »

French is not an easy language and the name Reims is quite special !

Johan of Arc statue in Reims

Johan of Arc statue in Reims

It is pronounced [ʀɛ̃s]  ou /ʁɛ̃s/  the M is almost silent.

Just say it ‘rins’ and it should do it ;)

Reims inhabitants are called ‘Rémois’ and ‘Rémoise’ [Remwa] , [Remwaz]

An old spelling of Reims is Rheims but it was used mostly in the British Isles and is barely used nowadays.

The harvest of Champagne grapes has begun

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Sep 242010

« Vendanges » is the French word for harvest. It has started on 2010 September the 10th and will last for more than 2 weeks. The vineyards are crowded with persons collecting the precious grapes that will become Champagne after more than 2 years in the cellars.

LOUVET Champagne vineyard

LOUVET Champagne vineyard

More and more events are organised during that period around Champagne, vine making and oenology. There are also many celebrations during the harvest in the villages along tourist road of Champagne.

Reims tourist office or Epernay tourist office might help you find events related to harvest 2010

A souvenir from the Loire valley

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Sep 242010

Today our guests gave us a present showing they appreciated their stay in the house…

Chinon bottle offered by guests

Chinon bottle offered by guests

Chinon, Domaine de Beauséjour, L’Angelot, 2008

We also enjoyed this pleasant meeting in our B&B.