How to book a Champagne cellar tour in Reims

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Mar 242011

There are many Champagne brands represented in Reims.

Many of them have nice cellars to visit and delicate Champagne to taste.

All visits are paying guided tours. Price range is, as far as we know in 2011, from 10 to 26 Euro.

Visit may last from 30 minutes to more than one hour.

Most of them propose multiple tasting sometimes with an extra fee, but it is usually worth as you may taste old millesim or special ‘cuvée’

Booking is possible by mail but answers come very slowly. Phone call is usually easier especially if they request a credit card number.

It is highly recommended to book Champagne cellar tours in advance!

We sometimes help out our clients at the guest house when time is running short.


Full program of the 800 anniversary of Notre Dame cathedral in Reims

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Mar 072011

Here is at last the program of festivities proposed for this anniversary.

Programme 8th century French

There will be many historical reconstitutions like ‘Les fêtes Johaniques’  or exhibits related to history of Notre Dame.

Like every year, lights and music shows will be displayed on front of the Cathedral every week.

June and July will be very busy with the summer music festival ‘Les flaneries musicales de Reims’ , almost one concert (classical or jazz) per day during 6 weeks.


Most of the concerts are free or have nice price!

Booking when it is available is recommended.

See details here: Les flaneries musicales de Reims

My favourite moment is Concert and Pic Nic in ‘Parc de Champagne’, an open air jazz concert, familial and popular, everyone bring pic nic basket including Champagne bottle(s) !

Candle lights make a terrific ambiance during the jazzz concert.


If you need more informations on the Cathedral or events related to the 800th anniversary

please visit Les amis de la cathedrale de Reims



Gite, Guest House: what’s the difference ?

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Fév 102011

Many enquiries for the guest house are persons requesting a gite, not knowing well what this French word exactly consists in.

A gite is a self catering accomodation, it may be a flat, a house or a cottage. Usually this kind of holiday rental is self catering and only proposes services like cleaning and bed sheets. Most of the time in France it is a one week rental from Saturday to Saturday (sometimes it is possible to book for the week end only)

A Bed and Breakfast or Guest House is an overnight accomodation with breakfast provided.  Some B&B even propose meals in the evening like a boarding house, most of these are situated in tiny villages. In French a guest house is called ‘maison d’hôtes’ or by extension ‘chambre d’hôte’. If you look for an accomodation in Reims try to stay in a B&B rather than in a hotel so it will you give you a close look on the French way of life and French gastronomy. Reims is a lovely town in Art Deco style and has very welcoming homes.

As far as we know there is no gite in Reims town, most of gites are situated in the countryside. In 2011 we know only 4 other guest house apart from ‘Les Telliers’.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims 800th anniversary

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Jan 302011

Here is the initial version (subject to changes) of the program of celebrations for this anniversary, ‘Les amis de la Cathédrale’ website is in French and non translated:

800ème anniversaire de la cathédrale Notre Dame de Reims

L'ange au sourire de la cathédrale de Reims

L’ange au sourire

Here is a version of this program of celebrations translated automatically by a website:

800th anniversary of Notre Dame in Reims

Reims expects lots of visitors for such event, rather than stay in a hotel, book a room in our guest house !

800th anniversary of Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims

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Sep 252010

A count down has started in Reims before the 800th anniversary of Reims cathedral .

Until 2011 May the 6th many events will happen in Champagne’s town. I’ll keep you advised as soon as we get events calendar

Reims Cathedral at night

Reims Cathedral at night

If you wish to know more about the Cathedral history check this wiki in English.

Notre Dame Catedral  is one of the 3 Reims monuments, with ‘Le palais du Tau’ and Saint Remi Basilica,  wich are listed on UNESCO world heritage sites.

Here is the list of properties listed by UNESCO for France

Pronounciation of Reims !

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Sep 252010

A question that our B&B guests ask often: « How is pronounced Reims ? »

French is not an easy language and the name Reims is quite special !

Johan of Arc statue in Reims

Johan of Arc statue in Reims

It is pronounced [ʀɛ̃s]  ou /ʁɛ̃s/  the M is almost silent.

Just say it ‘rins’ and it should do it ;)

Reims inhabitants are called ‘Rémois’ and ‘Rémoise’ [Remwa] , [Remwaz]

An old spelling of Reims is Rheims but it was used mostly in the British Isles and is barely used nowadays.