Come to ‘Les Telliers’ B&B from Reims centre station

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Juin 282013

Here is a situation map with itinerary from Reims centre station.

If you travel by train you may also arrive in Champagne Ardennes station. From there either you use tramway or a shuttle train to Reims centre station (not so many).

Closest tramway station from B&B ‘Les Telliers’ is LANGLET (see on map)

clic to enlarge plan

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Printable  PDF version : Plan



list of (some) car rental offices in Reims

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Juin 232013

Here is a list of some of the car rental available in Reims town centre.

They are all situated less then 500 meters far from ‘Les Telliers’ B&B


ADA : cour de la gare à Reims, tel: 03 26 82 57 81

AVIS: Gare SNCF  20 r Pingat à Reims, tel: 0820 61 17 05 (paying number)

EUROPCAR : 76 bd Lundy à Reims, tel: 0825 04 52 82 (paying number)

HERTZ: 26 bd Joffre à  Reims, tel : 03 26 47 98 78

NATIONAL CITER: 18 bd Joffre à Reims, tel: 03 26 07 57 57

RENT A CAR: 28 bd Joffre (cour gare SNCF) à Reims, tel: 03 26 77 87 77

Historical tour WW1 related sites in Reims and around Reims

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Mai 242013

We highly recommend service of Mr Thompson, we had chance to meet him, he is was very patient and helpful with his clients. He is truly mastering his subject about ww1 and ww2.

He is proposing among other tours a visit of Reims. Historical tour with Dr Thompson

He his proposing taylor made tours in Europe, he may take care of you for one or more days and share his knowledge and pasion for history. Dr Thompson biopic


Light show on Notre Dame Cathedral in 2012

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Mar 122012

The light show created for the 800th aniversary of Notre dame Cathedral in Reims will be displayed again this year from June to September.

This impressive show has attracted up to 10000 persons per night in 2011.

The Cathedral is litteraly painted again like it may have been centuries ago. It is very impressive to have this 87m high monument shining at night.

Here are some photos I have taken last year:

Enjoy a stay in our charming B&B in Reims town centre.

Light show must go on …

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Oct 272011

Reims city has decided extend the period while the light show on the Cathedral will be displayed. This show was highly appreciated as there have been up to 12000 persons watching it same time and even on rainy days it had more than 500 persons.

It is one of these events that is memorable and is a great ambassador of Reims city all over the world. Imagine a live show displayed on a 87 m high Cathedral front, literally painting it again like it may have been in the past.

It ll be shown again at nightfall during Reims Christmas market: from November 25th until December 31st.


If you like know more about the author of this light show: Skertzò or Reims Cathedral

– In November : 25, 26 et 27 at 18h00

– In december :

2, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30 et 31 at 18h00

On 3rd and 4th the show will happen at 19h30

On December 24th it will be displayed at 17h00 and 22h00

The show lasts 25 min and is followed by a static image for 5 minutes.


Book ‘Les Telliers’ B&B in Reims centre


Christmas market in Reims

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Oct 272011

Reims christmas market will start again on November 25th, please check these websites to discover all events related to Reims Christmas market in 2011

Noels de Champagne : A way of cribs will cross the vineyards. About 40 towns and villages invite you to discover many cribs of different sizes and origins, through greedy exhibitions. Choirs, orchestras, Christmas markets and villages, typical animations will paved this happy and magic way.

Féeries de Champagne in Epernay are particularly appreciated, please check Epernay tourist office for more information (not updated yet)

In Reims the Christmas market is very appreciated, it is composed of more than 150 stalls, an ice ring, and has many events from last week of November until New Year’s Eve.

A snowy day on Reims Christmas market

See details in these websites:

animation and trading association website

Reims destination Noel (not updated for 2011 yet)

Reims tourist office Reims is a destination for Christmas with a host of festive and cultural events from late November to late January: Christmas village, various exhibitions, concerts, illuminations.


Reims Notre Dame Cathedral



A tour along Champagne route between Reims and Epernay…

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Oct 212011

Whether you have a car or not it is recommended to spent at least half a day exploring regional park and drive along Champagne route.

There are many hidden places,old villages surrounded by vineyards, curiosities or historic places. And most of all you may stop and visit one of the 5000 family Champagne producer working in the Champagne area.


Here are some map extracts:

Please check Champagne Ardennes region website to get more information about Champagne route and its touristic sites.

They have recently added audio podcasts that illustrate many places on Champagne route (available in French English or German) so you may prepare an audio guide tour on Champagne route …


If you don’t travel by car then you may visit Reims vicinity with a private company:

They propose Champagne tours starting either from Reims or Epernay, they may pick you at the B&B.

The tour lasts between 3 and 4 hours and ends in local Champagne producer cellar with a tasting.

You will share a 6 to 8 van with other tourist or wine amateurs (it may be also a private tour on demand), all these tours are in French or English. (the persons we have met were fluent in English)

All the guests we have sent on these tours were really pleased and even some said it was their best part of their trip France ! They especially appreciated the visit to a local producer, which is a very different experience from the visit proposed by the major Champagne brands. These visits have a human dimension, you ll meet a wine maker with rough hands and painful back instead of an elegant hostess.


Cris events (Reims or Epernay, 40 Euro en 2011 for 4 hours, also proposing bike tours)

La vigne du Roy (Reims, 35 Euro in 2011 for 3 hours)

Champagne Domi Moreau (Epernay, we just know the website and have’nt been in contact with them)


Here is a photo selection a of places around Reims that you may discover on the Champagne route :

Events calendar for Reims

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Août 052011

On the French version of Reims tourist office website you’ll find events calendar for the following months.

The English part of the website doesn’t show these documents just recall the main events in Reims city (which are many)

Once you have downloaded these documents you ‘ll have to have notions of French or use internet tools to translate them.


Here is a link to the calendar events section: link


August 2011 events calendar for Reims

September 2011 events calendar for Reims

These versions have been downloaded early in August but may have been updated meantime. Please get them from the tourist office in Reims. December 2011 is published so you may already check events related to Christmas market events and animations in Reims.




Ruinart cellar tour in Reims

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Août 052011

I recently made Ruinart Champagne cellar tour in Reims and really loved it.

The building above the ground is interesting but the cellars are even more attractive.

Ruinart cellars are based on Roman chalk pits which are about 70 meter deep.

Dom Ruinart bought these chalk mines in the 18th century and since then Ruinart is storing Champagne bottles in tunnels connecting these chalk excavations. .

They store millions bottles in there (they are very secretive about quantities).

The person in charge of our tour did a nice job, recalling history of the brand and giving notions of elaboration of Champagne.

But that is not the main interest of this Champagne tour, what we really appreciated was that we experienced a memorable instant during the tasting.

Not only because of the Champagne quality: we were served R de Ruinart 94 and Ruinart rosé 95

We simply spent a nice moment around Champagne, siping Champagne and chatting.

It was a memorable hour, an instant Champagne, an instant Ruinart.

That’s just what Champagne is made for: nice memorable moments !!!


Booking Ruinart cellar tour (like all Champagne cellars tours) takes very long time by mail. They must receive many mails a day so we recommend to give them a call instead and then confirm the booking made (by credit card number)

The price of the tour is 26 Euro in 2011 but is really worth it. For 4 Euro extra you will be able to taste a second wine.

If you have a booking  at ‘Les Telliers’ guest house , we may also help book the tour for you.

Just keep in mind that you ‘ll need to schedule it weeks in advance as it very appreciated.

Ruinart website



‘Les Telliers’ guest house is on TripAdvisor

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Here is a summary of comments left by our guests on Tripadvisor

This website is like a pin in your ass, that tickles you and keep you in motion …

If you look for accommodation in Reims, either a gite, a hotel or a B&B, tripadvisor may help choose wisely.

Some comments are a bit too harsh or too enthusiastic but they are sincere.




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