About tiping in France: Do I need to tip in restaurants or bars ?

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Oct 082010

Champagne Ponson in 2010

In France, service is always included in the price.Your bill may mention it or not but it is included.

Sometimes you ‘ll see for example « Service compris 10% » ; it may go up to 20% in the very elegant or gastronomic restaurants in which there are more employees than customers!

The French usually tip only if they have appreciated the moment they have spent in the bar or the restaurant, or if the waiter was especially pleasant. Personally I prefer to leave some coins on the table rather than to round up the amount of the bill paid with credit card. Doing this,  I’m certain that it will go to the waitress.

For example in a restaurant, if I’ll leave tip 2 € for a meal for two if think the service was nice and the meal good value. Or in a café I’ll tip some yellow coins ( cents of euro) If I especially enjoy my cup of Champagne.

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Pronounciation of Reims !

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Sep 252010

A question that our B&B guests ask often: « How is pronounced Reims ? »

French is not an easy language and the name Reims is quite special !

Johan of Arc statue in Reims

Johan of Arc statue in Reims

It is pronounced [ʀɛ̃s]  ou /ʁɛ̃s/  the M is almost silent.

Just say it ‘rins’ and it should do it ;)

Reims inhabitants are called ‘Rémois’ and ‘Rémoise’ [Remwa] , [Remwaz]

An old spelling of Reims is Rheims but it was used mostly in the British Isles and is barely used nowadays.