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Travel to Reims by train:

There are mainly 2 stations in Reims:

Reims centre is situated about 400 meter far from the guest house

Champagne-Ardenne TGV is 7km to the south of Reims. That station is on the main train line: Paris- Strasbourg so there are more trains or different trains than in Reims station. (like a direct train to Roissy CDG2 terminal in 30min). You ll find also direct trains to Bordeaux, Strasbourg or Calais… You can join the guest house from that staion using the tramway line (opened in April 2011), train shuttles, city bus or taxi. The SNCF website don’t propose travels with many connections, so if you travel to/from Champagne-Ardenne you may be given more train proposals than from Reims centre station.

Travel by Bus:

For international Bus travel you may rely on  Eurolines which stops in Reims

City bus network in Reims is rather cheap and efficient. You ll find timetables and bus maps in the bus company website TUR.

In April 2011 the network will strongly change with the tramway being added, please look for CITURA website which is the new bus company (not yet opened)